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20 Years

August 16, 2012 to January 2, 2013

The Monte Clark Gallery opened in the fall of 1992 in Gastown, Vancouver. To mark the occasion of this 20th anniversary, the Monte Clark Gallery will present a rotating exhibition of specially selected works from gallery artists. The exhibit will feature artists that Monte has represented within the last twenty years, alongside three new artists to the roster: Jay Isaac (Toronto), Mari Eastman (Los Angeles) and Paul Housley (London UK).

Roy Arden, Karin Bubaš, Mari Eastman, Graham Gillmore, Greg Girard, Anthony Goicolea, Paul Housley, Holger Kalberg, Justine Kurland,
Owen Kydd, Evan Lee, Scott McFarland, Stephen Waddell, Alison Yip

Greg Girard
Untitled (Grain Terminal) #1
Archival pigment print
59 x 72 inches

Greg Girard
Silver Grill Café
1975 /2013
Archival pigment print
28 x 38 inches