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Alexine McLeod

November 17, 2016 to January 28, 2017

In Alexine McLeod’s first exhibition at Monte Clark Gallery, the artist presents wall-mounted abstract compositions that combine everyday materials including plastic, fabric, found objects, and light.

Rather than operating in one specific discipline, McLeod’s works present multiple media that are simultaneously discernable: sculptural objects are arranged in a tableau-like fashion synonymous with photographic processes; subtle colour variations and fluid compositions borrow from the language of painting; juxtapositions and joinery reveal a methodology rooted in collage and assemblage.

With light and shadow also participating in the forms, depth appears to shift, allowing for a multitude of ways to witness the installations. The borders of McLeod’s works are implied by the edge of projected light, though physical materials are allowed to freely pass through the perceived frame. This unstable transition from inside to outside the immaterial parameters of the light asks one to consider where the work begins and ends.

Alexine McLeod is a Vancouver-born emerging artist. She recently graduated from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in the spring of 2016. During her time at ECUAD, she received the Renée Van Halm + Pietro Widmer Graduation Award for Visual Arts as well as a scholarship from the Vancouver Art Guild. In the past two years, she has participated in a number of group exhibitions at artist-run centers in East Vancouver where she lives and works. This is her first solo exhibition.

Composition with Projection XI, 2016
styrofoam, plastic bottle, metal frame, and projector on tripod
dimensions variable, displayed at 177.8 × 94 × 17.8 cm (70 × 37 × 7 in)