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Michaela Mitchell

Mari Eastman – Frieze

The night air around Soon-Yi Previn, as Mari Eastman has rendered it, is overbearing. Surrounded by short, effusive brushstrokes, Previn’s impervious silhouette is further peppered by inky blue daubs. A chatty young Moses Farrow stands beside her, the red folds of his jacket matching an awning above (Soon-yi and Moses, 2021). The poolside portrait of a girl that opens ‘Night Life’, Eastman’s second solo exhibition at Goldfinch in Chicago, is executed with similar aplomb. Untitled (Sanded Painting) (2021) is atmospherically grey-pink and lavender; the girl, bored but assured, sits with one leg propped up. Any rococo resonances, however, are challenged by her completely sanded face and body; the abrasions give the effect of splitting light.

Stephen Waddell – Audain Tuesday Night Talks

Season 3 of the Audain Art Museum’s (AAM) immensely popular Tuesday Night Talks (TNT) offers a unique opportunity for online participants to simultaneously enter the Museum and the artist’s studio or home during the evening, while learning about key works in the AAM’s Permanent Collection directly from their respective makers.

Hosted by the Museum’s Director & Chief Curator, Dr. Curtis Collins, this sixth Episode features Stephen Waddell a Vancouver-based artist who received a Master of Fine Arts from the University of British Columbia in 1994.

Greg Girard – Mixmag

In 1974, Greg Girard arrived in Hong Kong on a freighter from San Francisco armed with not just a camera slung over his shoulder but a starry-eyed vision of capturing the raw electricity that was charging through the rapidly changing continent at night. With Asia full of promise and infinite possibilities, the Canadian photographer was at once spellbound and spent the 30 years that followed navigating the chaotic yet unencumbered neon-lit alleys of Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Thailand and Vietnam.

Greg Girard – The Times

The Canadian photographer Greg Girard only intended to stay a few days in Tokyo when he arrived in 1976. “I spent the night wandering around Shinjuku and nearby neighbourhoods, and by morning I knew I wanted to stay,” he says in his new book, JAL 76 88 (the initials stand for Japan Airlines, while the numbers refer to the years the work spans).

Karin Bubas in The Trylowsky Collection at Griffin Art Projects

This exhibition is part of a two-part series, called The Great Exchange. Coinciding with Teeth, Loan and Trust Company: The Trylowsky Collection, eminent Toronto-based artist Bill Burns will continue his research during a Fall/Winter residency at Griffin Art Projects, in a project that further prompts an examination of parallel economies. Burns’ ongoing research includes The …

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Splendour Without Diminishment, The Mainlander

In Vancouver, there is no image of nature that is not at the same time an image of private property. Possession structures the visual culture and economy of the image. Whether this image is a meticulously crafted photograph for a condo advertisement staged in False Creek, or a self-portrait at the top of Grouse Mountain, …

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TRUE PICTURES Contemporary Photography from Canada and the US, Sprengel Museum Hannover

From the beginning of the 20th century, North American photography was considered to be groundbreaking for the development of an artistic visual language for the medium. This pioneering role has largely been lost due to the developments in photography in Europe since the 1980s. American photography was no longer binding in its role model function for younger …

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