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Emily Hermant

Transmissions, Art Gallery Evergreen, to feature Emily Hermant

May 13 – July 23 2023 Within the spun fibres of yarn, the warp and weft of a weaving, the blocks of a quilt and the bond of indigo dye to fabric, textiles hold boundless knowledge, transmitted over generations. The exhibited artists draw on complex histories and rich cultural and personal practices connected to textiles to build sculptural works that move away from the gallery …

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Transpositions is the final in a three-part series of exhibitions that explore connections between textiles and technology. Building on the preceding exhibitions Interweavings and Remediations, the artists selected for Transpositions offer an expanded understanding of textile construction. Using non-traditional media such as wire, rubber, photographs, or insulation they transpose the technologies of weaving or braiding onto their chosen materials.

Emily Hermant | Alberta Magazine Awards Finalist

Vancouver-based interdisciplinary artist Emily Hermant works with recycled telecommunications and data cables, stripping them down and arranging them into patterns, casting them in silicone to make colourful moulded wall hangings, or creating rippling sculptures from the wires themselves. “The materials that I’m working with have speed built into them,” says Hermant, a professor of sculpture and expanded media at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design. “They have a purpose, which is to connect across these large distances to allow people to communicate really instantaneously.”

Emily Hermant: Insider Series at Burrard Arts Foundation

In a contemporary setting, it is becoming increasingly difficult to divorce ourselves from technology. Produced in BAF’s Artist Residency program, Emily Hermant’s new show till your voice catches the thread speaks to the yearning for human intimacy that can occur as we coexist more and more intimately with our technological surroundings. In these new works, Hermant examines …

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till your voice catches the thread | BAF

Emily Hermant’s recent body of work—made using telecommunication wires that are stripped and then glued together to form a surface—could be said to re-weave technical glitches into experimental derivations. Consider Reflections on Perseid (No. 3). Having become refuse, the wires found here no longer carry electrical currents or data across a digital universe; rather, they …

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The Material Turn

The Material Turn exhibition presents international and intergenerational conversations around contemporary textile practices in the digital information age. In particular, the materiality of digital technologies is interpreted and translated by artists who mine, question and transform diverse data sources through expanded textile approaches. The “material turn” broadly references a global philosophical impetus to address the increasing …

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Emily Hermant: Searching the Starry Sky

In her most recent and on-going body of work, Emily Hermant utilizes slow, hand-making processes to generate modes of representing the rapid movement and proliferation of digital information and communication in contemporary life. Among her aims is to address the tension between digital/virtual technologies and our desire for the intimacies and richness of tactile, slow …

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