Gailan Ngan

Gailan Ngan, Fundamental forms for now, here and beyond – Galleries West

Vancouver artist Gailan Ngan’s From the Studio Floor presents a collection of works that are playful and inviting despite their weighty materials. The exhibition, on view at the Esker Foundation in Calgary until Dec. 18, brings together found materials such as chunks of clay and a cactus, with a series of ceramic sculptures collectively titled Moon Orbit, which Ngan describes as “blobs.” They look like colourful boulders from outer space but are mostly made of clay from British Columbia.

Gailan Ngan – Esker Foundation

Gailan Ngan: What Goes Around Comes Around

The seemly interchangeable right and wrong in the phrase, in the wrong place at the wrong time, or the right place at the right time, offers several ways to consider the role location has in fate. Regardless of interpretation, assigning value seems irrelevant; it is more interesting to be in a place for something to cross your path, recognize the significance of this, and alter the course of your movement through this world because of the encounter.

Gailan Ngan in “Spitting circle” at Unit 17

Mediation repeatedly emerges as a tactic through which artists disrupt art making practices – not only from a perspective of art history, but also through the reformulation of the artist-object-viewer relationship. Though the idea of “disruption” tends to conjure up visions of chaos and destruction, the mediations and interventions taking place in Splitting circle are …

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Gailan Ngan at Hardware Applied Services, Bellingham, WA

Hardware Applied Services is thrilled to present the works of Gailan Ngan and Peter Scherrer, two artists whose practices explore the sublime mysteries of the natural world. Immersed in the artists’ deep connection to the environment, these works dive into organic and process based subversions of their mediums. Simultaneously Cider Gallery, our project at Bellingham …

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