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The Robert McLaughlin Gallery: Piecework

Using the materiality of quilt making as a metaphor for how the fabric of the world holds together, this exhibition brings together a group of contemporary artists who use textiles and assemblage as world-building tools. Pulling together the seemingly discarded, quilts are a composition of scraps, held together with the intention of offering warmth and comfort. This process of building something new from what was left behind, offers an orientation for engagement and opens possibilities for what can become. Quilts also occupy a set of social relations, where the making and sharing is often intergenerational and collective. They are meant to be passed down and cherished, appreciating in value through use.

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Statement Artwork Paints A Vivid Picture In This Home

If you’re hooked on Instagram, then you’re already aware of the growing influence of art and images on everyday life. “The internet has brought a much greater awareness and openness to all art,” says homeowner Pamela Meredith, an independent art curator who, for five years, was the senior curator for TD Bank Group.

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