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February 9 to March 3, 2016

Monte Clark Gallery presents an exhibition of works by gallery artists.

Roy Arden, Tim Gardner, Graham Gillmore, Anthony Goicolea, Jeremy Hof, Paul Housley, Justine Kurland, Owen Kydd, Stephen Waddell, Jeff Wall

Greg Girard
Bag Full of Clocks, Sam Shui Po
Archival pigment print
23.5 x 30 inches

Anthony Goicolea
Double Projection Shadow Portrait (2)
Graphite and acrylic on mylar, mounted to di-bond
24.5 × 38 inches

Alexine McLeod
Composition with Projection XV
Mylar balloon, golf ball retriever, vinyl and spray paint on fabric, projector on tripod
96 × 36 x 6 inches

Paul Housley
Alarm Clock and Watch
Oil on canvas
7.875 × 9.875 inches