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We are happy to announce that Greg Girard’s long awaited American Stopover book has arrived at the Monte Clark bookstore. Quantity is limited, get a first edition book while you can!

“These pictures mark the beginning of a trip I never returned from. A time of heightened anticipation: the new everyday around me, and the one to come when finally arriving in one of Asia’s great cities (and, as it turned out, not leaving for decades). Thanks to Misha Kominek at Kominek Books these photographs from the US in the 1970s and early 80s are now finding an audience I couldn’t dare dream of at the time.”   – Greg Girard

Inquire for prints from the American Stopover series. 

American Stopover

First edition

Publisher: @kominekbooks


160 pages

80 photographs

11.8 x 8.9 inches (300×227 mm)

Text by Greg Girard

Designed by Gonzalo Sanchez and Misha Kominek