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HiLo presents Snack Sakura, a short film following Canadian photographer Greg Girard as he journeys across Japan, searching for a place he once knew. We join him from town to town, bar to bar, as he moves across the country, reflecting on memory, life between cultures, and what it means to make a picture.

Director: Jia Li

Co-director: Joshua Frank

Producers: Mimi Wada & Jia Li

Cinematographers: Jia Li and Joshua Frank

Editor: Yiwei Chen

Finishing Editor: Jia Li

Miracle Worker & Karaoke: Mimi Wada

Music Composition: Carver Audain

Sound Mix: Kristofer RiĆ³s

Additional Music: Audionetwork

Translation: Susan Wu

Special Thanks: David Pandt, Alannah Clamp