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New Arrivals

March 2024

For information about available work:

Vilhelm Sundin

Vilhelm Sundin, Light Horizon, 2023. Inquire  View Excerpt

New video work by Vilhelm Sundin depicts events unfolding throughout the period of a day off the coast of Vancouver Island, from ships passing to a lighthouse pulsating under a fading sunset reminiscent of William Turner’s expressive paintings of sunsets at sea.

Emily Hermant

Emily Hermant’s new silicone works present a visually striking exploration of form, pattern and colour. Recalling early computer motherboards made from woven wire, the sculptures are pieced together in grid formations, concealing the conductive potential of the wires. From a distance, the works resemble colourful quilts, challenging the audience to look closer in search of clues to the underlying patterns and digital debris that inform her constructions.

Emily Hermant, Core II, 2023. Inquire

Emily Hermant, Polyphonic, 2023. Inquire

Jeremy Hof

Jeremy Hof, Diamond BLK WHT, 2023. Inquire

Two new large scale canvases represent patterns of exploration that borrow shapes from Jeremy Hof’s previous reveals and reference woodblock printing and twentieth century Op Art.

Jeremy Hof, CrossSquares BLK WHT, 2023. Inquire

Graham Gillmore

Graham Gillmore, Return the Love, 2023. Inquire

Exploring the word as image and the image as word, Graham Gillmore’s work balances between pathos and wit, defiance and charm, and more basically, the anguish of experience and the rapture of its aesthetic expression. Painted in oil and enamel Gillmore’s latest works are clever and intimate, revealing deeper truths about a human experience from “Return the love you can’t give back” to “Selfless Help Books”.

Graham Gillmore, Return the love you can’t give back (diptych), 2023. Inquire

Graham Gillmore, Sigh Co Farm Ecology, 2018. Inquire

Graham Gillmore, Selfless Help Books, 2023. Inquire

Jonathan Syme

Jonathan Syme, Aphonic Umbra, 2024. Inquire

Jonathan Syme, Modern Receding, Geomosaic, 2024. Inquire

Jonathan Syme’s latest paintings are wonderfully tactile, lyrical and explosive, depicting swirling compositions and topographic expressions of nuanced tones. This work is intuitive, psychedelic, and sophisticated, without rehashing popular trends or histories of Modernism.

Jonathan Syme, Modern, Etheric Nocturne, 2024. Inquire

Jonathan Syme, Modern, Fever Vessel, 2024. Inquire