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Kim Dorland, Stan Douglas, Tim Gardner, Cameron Kerr, Krystle Silverfox, Ian Wallace, Jin-Me Yoon and Karen Zalamea

Curated by Jackie Wong

April 12 – June 22, 2024

Prevailing Landscapes addresses the ways in which the Canadian landscape prevails in contemporary conceptual artistic practices and how the narrative or predominant theme of the work is affected when it includes a Canadian landscape as a background. The subject and background become interwoven. This can cause tension and/or conflict, but it can also create strength and harmony.

The iconic Canadian Landscape has historically been a dominant theme in our country’s visual artworks, and it remains a current area of inquiry for contemporary artists. As a subject, it is physically vast and offers a visual backdrop for art throughout different periods and genres. Historically, we have engaged with the Canadian landscape through the male gaze – a romanticised colonial perspective of the great Canadian wilderness. Prevailing Landscapes considers how contemporary conceptual artworks have challenged the colonial, male gaze that has shaped the discourse in the genre.

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