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From the beginning of the 20th century, North American photography was considered to be groundbreaking for the development of an artistic visual language for the medium. This pioneering role has largely been lost due to the developments in photography in Europe since the 1980s. American photography was no longer binding in its role model function for younger artists – in this situation, knowledge about it was also out of focus.

TRUE PICTURES? is dedicated to this phenomenon and presents works by over 30 Canadian and US artists from three generations who not only combine their origins and the medium of photography. It applies to all three generations that they are to be located in the digital age. This is not only to be understood as the entry of digital photography into the medium that was previously characterized by analogue. Rather, it is a challenge for all artists to deal with digitization and the social changes associated with it – be it in dealing with the often cited “flood of images”, the technical possibilities of the medium or in deliberate delimitation to phenomena of ” digital age ”.

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