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November 23, 2017 to January 27, 2018

To celebrate Monte Clark Gallery’s 25th year, a group exhibition of works by gallery artists will be on display from November 23rd, 2017 to January 27, 2018.

Monte Clark Gallery first opened in 1992 at 233 Carrall Street in Gastown. In the last 25 years, the gallery has inhabited spaces in Vancouver’s South Granville district and Toronto’s Distillery District. In 2012, the gallery relocated to a new site in The Flats district of Vancouver, an expanded working and exhibition space designed by award winning D’Arcy Jones Architecture.

Monte Clark Gallery is well known for playing an important role in the development of contemporary Canadian photo art, fostering a generation of artists who have gone on to national and international acclaim. The gallery has also hosted numerous exhibitions of historic photography that served to contextualize the contemporary work of artists it represents or has exhibited such as Roy Arden, Karin Bubaš, Greg Girard, Owen Kydd, Evan Lee, Mark Lewis, Scott McFarland, Stephen Waddell and Jeff Wall. Many exhibited artists also have practices that range across different mediums.

While Monte Clark Gallery is known for its support of photo art, it has actually hosted more exhibitions of non-photographic art; painting, sculpture, video and other mediums have been at the centre of the gallery’s program. Canadian artists Douglas Coupland, Tim Gardner, Graham Gillmore, Colleen Heslin, Jeremy Hof, Collin Johanson, Holger Kalberg, Alexine McLeod, Kristine Moran, Gailan Ngan, Brad Phillips, Derek Root, Steven Shearer, and Alison Yip have all had significant exhibitions at Monte Clark Gallery.

The gallery seeks to make connections locally, nationally and internationally and has always included International artists in its mix, notably; Anthony Goicolea (USA), Paul Housley (UK), Mari Eastman (USA), and Justine Kurland (USA). The gallery has also been a periodic host to curated exhibitions on various themes, including; Universal Pictures (1999), curated by Kitty Scott, After Photography (2000) curated by Roy Arden, A Proposal for an Exhibition (2002 Vancouver, 2003 Toronto) curated by Claudia Beck and Andrew Gruft, and Traces That Resemble Us (2015), an exhibition and film screening event organized by Vancouver’s film institute The Cinematheque.

Image: Greg Girard, Bag Full of Clocks, Sam Shui Po, 1983

Roy Arden, Karin Bubaš, Mari Eastman, Tim Gardner, Graham Gillmore, Greg Girard, Anthony Goicolea, Colleen Heslin, Jeremy Hof, Paul Housley, Collin Johanson, Holger Kalberg, Owen Kydd, Evan Lee, Scott McFarland,
Alexine McLeod, Gailan Ngan, Stephen Waddell, Alison Yip

Greg Girard
Bag Full of Clocks, Sam Shui Po
Archival pigment print
23.5 x 30 inches

Anthony Goicolea
Double Projection Shadow Portrait (2)
Graphite and acrylic on mylar, mounted to di-bond
24.5 × 38 inches

Alexine McLeod
Composition with Projection XV
Mylar balloon, golf ball retriever, vinyl and spray paint on fabric, projector on tripod
96 × 36 x 6 inches

Paul Housley
Alarm Clock and Watch
Oil on canvas
7.875 × 9.875 inches