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The Victoria & Albert Museum (London, UK) presents the group exhibition, ‘Energy: Sparks from the collection, on view Thursday, 25 May 2023 – Tuesday, 14 May 2024. Included from the Victoria & Albert Museum’s collection is Scott McFarland’s Torn Quilt with Effects of Sunlight

The instability of colour and shadow in this image of a patchwork quilt is the result of digitally overlaying a number of different exposures, using selected areas from individual shots to stitch together a final composite image. Some of the shots were taken in the early morning and others later in the day when the sun’s angle was different. This method of assembly provides a visual equivalent for the quilt represented in the image.

Image: Scott McFarland, Torn Quilt with Effects of Sunlight, 2003, Digital c-print, 55.2cm x 81.6cm

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