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Current Viewing Rooms

Forms in Dialogue

Forms in Dialogue presents works by Gailan Ngan, Alex Morrison, Rocky LaRock, Beau Dick, Jeremy Hof and Alex Tedlie-Stursberg.

Past Viewing Rooms

Snack Sakura

Monte Clark is pleased to present, Snack Sakura, a selection of new pictures by Greg Girard, taken in Japan between 2017 and 2024.

Small Spaces

Small spaces are not to be overlooked. Apart from the eye-catching and confident large-scale works that occupy vast stretches of wall space, opportunity awaits in small spaces to capture the imagination. A sense of intimacy can be conveyed through small portraits depicting curious characters or potential lovers.

Spiders from Mars

Spiders from Mars presents work by Roy Arden, Collin Johanson and Gailan Ngan. On view is a compelling intersection of works that reflect on a nuanced blend of surrealist themes, automatism, poetry and pop culture.

New Arrivals

New works by Vilhelm Sundin, Emily Hermant, Jeremy Hof, Graham Gillmore, and Jonathan Syme.

Evan Lee: Cirage

Lee’s large-scale shoe polish paintings resemble iconic monochromatic paintings seminal to modern art of the 1950’s and 60s. This work considers tension between high art and low-class materials, pointing to the classism inherent in the economy of artistic production.

Collin Johanson: New Paintings

Johanson’s paintings often exist in a state between figuration and abstraction, where forms never fully become fixed. Instability keeps these images in flux, resisting easy interpretation. Johanson won the Joseph Plaskett Foundation Award in 2014, and was an RBC Painting Competition finalist in 2008.

Collin Johanson: Watercolours

Over several trips to Jasper National Park, Johanson paints forested landscapes. These paintings serve as research towards a forthcoming body of work which will incorporating the organic and chaotic qualities of his abstract depictions of nature against rigid architectural forms, and linear perspective.


Known for his innovative use of paint, Jeremy Hof’s oeuvre is process, and playfully blurring the lines delineating traditional artistic mediums. His paintings take sculptural form through the patient application of acrylic paint built up over time, often several years.

Rocky LaRock: New Works

LaRock has had a career as a practicing artist for over forty years, during which time he has produced a number of masks that are easily recognizable as Northwest Coast Indigenous art: they are immaculately carved by hand, represent familiar mythological and spiritual figures, and are adorned with the conventional ovoids and forms characteristic of traditional formline techniques.

Art Toronto 2023

Monte Clark participated in Art Toronto 2023 with a booth presenting new works by Karin Bubaš, Tim Gardner, Graham Gillmore, Greg Girard, Colleen Heslin, Jeremy Hof, Collin Johanson, Holger Kalberg, Alexine McLeod, Alex Stursberg, Stephen Waddell, and Jonathan Syme, as well as a sculpture installation of works by Rocky LaRock and Gailan Ngan.

Jonathan Syme: Up and High,
Down and Low

The title, Up and High, Down and Low, suggests an exploration of dualities. Contrasts between light and shadow, chaos and tranquillity, or expansion and confinement create a visual dialogue between these opposing elements.

Objects of Affection by Max King

Objects of Affection explores the interplay between objects, context, and the observer’s interpretation. The exhibition transcends the conventional boundaries of artistic expression, embracing the paradoxical order of eclectic curation and the natural world.

Liminal Spaces by Andrew Booth

Liminal spaces refers to the transitional, in-between places that exist on the thresholds of our consciousness and reality. This exhibition presents works by several of Monte Clark’s artists that explore the psychological, physical, and spiritual dimensions of these transitional realms.

Alex Tedlie-Stursberg

Only the Stones Remain
A series of sculptures, assemblage and bronze works by Alex Tedlie-Stursberg​. Found objects and natural materials scavenged from the shoreline and urban landscape are incorporated into the works, transforming our expectations of and relationship to discarded materials.

Collin Johanson

Out for Breath
An exhibition of new paintings by Collin Johanson. Working with imagined forms, abstraction, mechanical perspective and photo reference, this series of works embraces contradictory subject matter and formal principals.

Rocky LaRock

New Works
Claude “Rocky” LaRock gives form to the narratives and themes expressed by the spiritual and supernatural figures central to his culture and community in a way that renders them anew.

Colleen Heslin

Coming in to focus and shifting into the light
A collection of monochromatic paintings that draw from compositions found in nature, each presenting optical explorations.

Gailan Ngan

Moonage Daydream
This latest body of work presents a large-scale exploration of Ngan’s Blob ceramic forms, each with distinctive patterning and decorative elements. Ngan worked closely with a digital studio to scan and produce 3D-printed variations of her signature forms in rich vibrant hues, maintaining the intricate details and textures of the original ceramic work.

Arden, Kydd, Sundin

Consisting of scenes that unfold in urban settings, Kydd and Sundin examine tensions between the familiar and artificial, while Arden depicts scenes of Vancouver unrecognizable in the aftermath of the 1994 Stanley Cup riot. These works provide a multifaceted view of the city, as a site of intertwined perspectives and narratives that inform our experiences and identity along with a degree of unpredictability.

Karin Bubaš

Chromatic Landscape
Rooted in the cinematic, Bubaš’ photographs depict a single subject set against dramatic landscapes from a snow-covered forest to a dahlia field in full bloom. 

Tim Gardner

New watercolours by Gardner depict ideal natural settings and commercial scenes, from gold panners sifting along river banks, to grocery store aisles, and luminous bottles of vintage Canadian whisky.

Graham Gillmore

Unfound Objects
An exhibition of new paintings and sculptures by Graham Gillmore. On view is a collection of work that examines language as form, shifting from the colourful oil and enamel paintings we are familiar with to monochromatic and abstract sculptures.

Rocky LaRock

at Art Toronto
Monte Clark is pleased to exhibit a focused solo presentation of new sculptures by Claude Rocky LaRock at this year’s edition of Art Toronto.

Rocky LaRock

Spirit Masks
This impressive new collection of carvings comprises Sásq’ets (sasquatches), humans and otherworldly beings, drawing a connection between present life and the supernatural.

Greg Girard

Led Zeppelin & Mission Raceway 1973
This series of pictures showcases Greg Girard's earliest work as a photographer depicting Led Zeppelin’s, ‘Welcome Back Tour’ in Vancouver and Mission Raceway, both captured in 1973.

Low Tide

Group Exhibition

Included are works by Roy Arden, Shuvinai Ashoona, Karin Bubaš, Tim Gardner, Greg Girard, Colleen Heslin, Guido Molinari, Gailan Ngan, and John Waters.

Holger Kalberg

Depicting twilight scenes, mundane in nature, the viewer is invited to experience the passage of time as the day progresses into night.

Greg Girard

American Stopover

Monte Clark is pleased to present an exhibition of Greg Girard’s photographs depicting America during the 1970’s and early 1980’s, many of which have never been exhibited before.

Vilhelm Sundin

Last Light
Depicting twilight scenes, mundane in nature, the viewer is invited to experience the passage of time as the day progresses into night.

LaRock, Lee & Heslin

Monte Clark is pleased to present new work by Evan Lee, Colleen Heslin and Stó:lō master carver Claude “Rocky” LaRock.

Alexine McLeod

See / Saw

Layering physical materials with coloured light and shadow, McLeod’s abstract compressions of space and form engage with perception as a richly active experience

Select: new year

Monte Clark presents a curated selection of works by Karin Bubaš, Tim Gardner, Emily Hermant, Scott McFarland and Jonathan Syme

Emily Hermant

In slow relief, the bright threads of a dream

Presenting a selection of new wire and silicone sculptures.

Select: new & noteworthy

Monte Clark presents a curated selection of works by Roy Arden, Graham Gillmore, Anthony Goicolea, Colleen Heslin, Holger Kalberg, Jonathan Syme and Alison Yip

Stephen Waddell

Made/ Unmade
Made/Unmade consists of a selection of photographs of urban 
spaces and subjects, as well as scenes staged in the artist’s studio.

Karel Funk

Monte Clark is pleased to provide an online viewing room for
recent paintings by Karel Funk

Jonathan Syme

Adult Contemporary

Monte Clark is pleased to provide an online viewing room for
Jonathan Syme, Adult Contemporary

Alexine McLeod


Monte Clark is pleased to provide an online viewing room for
Alexine McLeod, Arising

Vilhelm Sundin


Monte Clark is pleased to provide an online viewing room for
Vilhelm Sundin's, Soon

Roy Arden

The Mole King

Monte Clark is pleased to provide an online viewing room for
Roy Arden's, The Mole King

Collin Johanson

In it

Monte Clark is pleased to provide an online viewing room for
Collin Johanson: In It

Stephen Waddell

Scotiabank Photography Award

Monte Clark is pleased to provide an online viewing room for
Stephen Waddell

Greg Girard

Trip Pictures

Monte Clark is pleased to provide an online viewing room for
Greg Girard: Trip Picutres

Colleen Heslin

In the Dark

Monte Clark is pleased to provide an online viewing room for
Colleen Heslin: In the Dark

Jeremy Hof


Monte Clark is pleased to provide an online viewing room for
Jeremy Hof: Replicante

Past Viewing Rooms