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Using new and old technology, Swedish/Canadian artist Vilhelm Sundin creates images that sway between observation and fiction. Interested in illustrating the fragile relationship between reality, memory and dreams, his works often take place in a slightly mysterious, yet recognizable, universe inspired by poetry, street photography, cinema and painting. Sundin’s works commonly take the form of still images, screens and projections that depict scenes of the everyday.
Sundin holds an MFA from Simon Fraser University, Vancouver and a BA in Media Arts from Emily Carr University. Sundin’s solo show Soon was recently featured as a selected exhibition in the 2021 Capture Photography Festival. After winning the inaugural Lind Prize in 2016, Sundin’s work was presented in the Polygon Gallery’s opening exhibition N.Vancouver. After moving from his native Sweden in 2006, Vilhelm Sundin now lives and works in Vancouver, BC.

Selected Works